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The GoalCrush system is all about crushing your goals by transforming how you think, eat, and move. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in life, and fitness is no different.

CEO/Founder Rob Cefoli and his growing team of fitness + wellness pros will guide you through what it takes to become the YOU you've always wanted to be.


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The most overlooked element of your fitness is also the most important: how you think. Having a positive, incremental, goal-oriented mindset is essential for your success.

Transforming the way you eat is a must for your body to reach its potential. Our certified nutritionists work with you to craft a menu that's perfectly suited to crushing your fitness goals.


Finally, the obvious part of fitness: movement! With the holistic and personalized GoalCrush system, you'll find yourself moving faster, stretching further, and lifting more.



12 Week Total Transformation

Get ready for a total mind and body transformation while working remotely with your trainer, Rob Cefoli or Kerry Guttilla, to completely change the way you eat, think, and move.

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What, how, and when to eat is a formula based on activity, body type, preferences and needs. With the correct formula and the proper guidance, you'll be on the right nutritional path in no time!

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Thank you Rob Cefoli and GoalCrush Fitness for changing my mindset and guiding me to get results. Sessions aren’t always easy but easy doesn’t get you results. Rob, your patience and belief in me is appreciated more than you know. Slow and steady wins the race and I thank you for showing me the way...
— Natalie Boreham, GoalCrush Warrior
Robert helped me with my weight loss goal and taught me how to train and and eat correctly. In 2 months I lost 45 lbs and in four months I lost 90 and gained about 15 lbs of muscle. I now run, train and play hard. But the best is being able to out run my children. Thank you Rob.
— Thomas Cardassi, GoalCrush Warrior

Long time GoalCrush Warrior Susan gives her testimonial, and offers a peek into what it's like to work one-on-one with Rob.